=CROW= Tournaments

=CROW= organises tournaments on a regular basis. The tournaments are organised within the =CROW= community and are generally considered to be very fun! Different rules apply every time to have a variety of different tournaments. Tournaments take place on the tournament server which will be open for players when the tournaments take place.

In order to take place in a tournament, you must first of all be a member of one of the =CROW= platoons. Secondly, every tournament's date will be set depending on the results of a Doodle poll, which will be linked to when the tournament get organised. On here you can apply by entering your Battlefield username and submitting the times you are available.

Any discussions regarding the tournaments, will be on the tournaments forum, click here to visit. When a tournament is scheduled, its information can also be found on this page and the official =CROW= tournament platoon.

Current tournament

Below is the information about the upcoming tournament. There is currently no tournament scheduled. Please follow this page and keep up to date to join in with the next tournament.

Tournament date:
Tournament time:
Tournament mod:
Tournament judge:
Tournament server:

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Tournament winners

The following people have won a =CROW= tournament in the past, congratulations!

Tournament #1 (17-08-2013): Nukem9 (knife only)
Tournament #2 (11-10-2013): FGM-148_JAVELIN (knife only)
Tournament #3 (01-11-2013): DM1NATOR (defib only)
Tournament #4 (25-12-2013): Python197 (defib only)
Tournament #5 (01-01-2014): Python197 (knife only)
Tournament #6 (21-03-2014): SyncAir (knife only)
Tournament #7 (16-05-2014): W00dyR (knife only)
Tournament #8 (04-07-2014): W00dyR (defib only)
Tournament #9 (29-08-2014): Fehviz and TheOskiBoski (cage 2vs2)
Tournament #10 (12-12-2014): kr4nnK (Knife Only)
Tournament #11 (31-07-2015): TheOskiBoski (Knife Only)
Tournament #12 (25-09-2015): kr4nnK and Alecosibetico (cage 2vs2)